Special Emphasis Pathway in Cancer Biology L41-5196

This course is designed to present pre and post doctoral trainees with an organized educational format to explore major contemporary topics in cancer biology. The elective will provide an integrated view of cancer research including basic science, translational science and clinical investigation. Approximately 60 minutes will be devoted to a didactic presentation by a faculty member with interaction by the participants. The remaining 30 minutes will be used to discuss a pivotal research paper from this field, preselected by the faculty member. Outside reading will be required (30-60 minutes per week).

Schedule and Location

  • Tuesday, Noon-1:30 PM
  • Mid Campus Center, 11th Floor, Main Conference Room (unless otherwise indicated)

Archive by Academic year

Jan 9, 2024Kickoff Luncheon: Overview and Presentations
Jan 16, 2024Lee Ratner MD, PhDIntroduction and Overview
Jan 23, 2024Bettina Drake, PhD, MPHCommunity Approaches to Cancer Prevention
Jan 30, 2024Abby Green, MDMutagenic Processes in Cancer
Feb 6, 2024John Krais, PhDBRCA1, DNA Damage and Cancer
Feb 13, 2024Kelly Bolton, MD, PhDBRCA1, DNA Damage and Cancer
Feb 20, 2024Helen McNeill, PhDFat and Hippo and Cancer
Feb 27, 2024David Chen, PhDMelanoma Genetics
Mar 5, 2023Sid Puram, MD, PhDHead and Neck Cancer Immunotherapy
Mar 12, 2024Spring Break
Mar 19, 20242nd Year CBP Trainee Presentations
•Alexander Chen, PhD
•Jerome Prusa, PhD
•Ilah Bok, PhD (1st Year Trainee)
•Pei-Yu Chen
•Taylor Malachowski
•Leveraging human iPSCs to define cells of origin in pediatric low grade gliomas
•Yeast Probiotic Delivered Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Alter the Murine Gut
•KEAP1 Cysteine Modifications andKEAP1 Cysteine Modifications and Proximity Interaction Network
•Investigating the role of ARIDs, subunits of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex, in melanoma
•The role of senescent cells in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
Mar 26, 2024Yoona Kang, PhDMyeloid Differentiation and Transformation
Apr 2, 2024David Spencer, PhDGenetics and Epigenomics of AML
Apr 9, 2024Matthew Ciorba, MDIntestinal Inflammation and Cancer
Apr 16, 2024Patricia Ribeiro-Pereira, PhDMultimodal Imaging of Cancer
Apr 23, 2024Stephanie Markovina, MD, PhDBiomarkers for Prognosis and Response to Radiation Therapy
Apr 30, 2024Carmen Bergom, MD, PhDPreclinical Models of Radiation Therapy
Jan 10, 2023Kickoff Luncheon: Overview and Presentations
Jan 17, 2023Jeff Magee, MD, PhDIntroduction and Overview of Pediatric Oncology
Jan 24, 2023Grant Challen, PhDEpigenetic Regulation of Normal and Malignant Hematopoiesis
Jan 31, 2023Kelly Bolton, MD, PhDGenetic and Environmental Determinates of Cancer: Lessons From Clonal Hematopoiesis
Feb 7, 2023Jeff Bednarski, MD, PhDDNA Damage Signaling in B Cell Development and Leukemogenesis
Feb 14, 2023Charles Kaufman, MD, PhDZebrafish Models of Disease
Feb 21, 2023David Gutmann, MD, PhDCancer Neuroscience
Feb 28, 2023George Souroullas, PhDThe Role of Chromatin Modifications and Accessibiltiy in Cancer
Mar 7, 2023Jacqueline Payton, MD, PhDEpigenomes and Epigenetic (De)regulation in Cancer
Mar 14, 2023Spring Break
Mar 21, 2023Stephen Sykes, PhDCancer Metabolism
Mar 28, 2023David Wilson, MD, PhDFanconi Anemia
Apr 4, 2023Brian Van Tine, MD, PhDTumor Metabolism
Apr 11, 2023Laura Scheuttpelz, MD, PhDInflammation and Hematopoietic Malignancies
Apr 25, 2023Josh Rubin, MD, PhDSex Differences in Cancer Should Come as No Surprise
Jun 13, 2023Thales Papagiannakopoulos, PhD
New York University
Jan 11, 2022Virtual Luncheon: Annual Research-In-Progress Trainee Forum
Jan 18, 2022Lee RatnerIntroduction
Jan 25, 2022Angela Mazul and Jose ZevallosHPV Head and Neck Cancers
Feb 1, 2022Cynthia MaCDK and Breast Cancer Biology
Feb 8, 2022Stephen OhMyeloproliferative Neoplasms
Feb 15, 2022Matthew WalterMyelodysplastic Syndromes
Feb 22, 2022Milan ChhedaGlioblastoma Overview: Diagnosis, Treatment and Clinical Challenges
Mar 1, 2022Albert KimGlioma Stem Cells and Cell State
Mar 8, 2022Tanner JohannsAntigen Discovery and Targeting (Vaccine, CAR, etc.)
Mar 15, 2022Spring Break
Mar 22, 2022Siddhartha DevarakondaDevelopment of Ras Inhibitor Therapies and Applications in Lung Cancer and Other Malignancies
Mar 29, 2022Kian-Huat LimRole of Ras Signaling in Pancreatic Cancer
Apr 5, 2022Alessandro VindigniDNA Replication Stress and Cancer
Apr 12, 2022Priyanka VermaDNA Repair
Apr 26, 2022Luis BatistaDNA Repair
Jun 14, 2022Ross L. Levine, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Deciphering and Targeting Clonal Evolution in Myeloid Malignancies
Jan 12, 2021Lee RatnerIntroduction
Jan 19, 2021Brian Van TineOsteosarcoma Tumor Metabolism
Jan 26, 2021David WilsonFanconi Anemia
Feb 2, 2021Jacqueline PaytonDiscoveries in Epigenomics Drive Precision Medicine Approaches in Lymphoma
Feb 9, 2021Sima BhattImmunotherapies for Pediatric Pre-B ALL
Feb 16, 2021Grant ChallenClonal Evolution of Blood Cancers
Feb 23, 2021Charles KaufmanUsing Zebrafish Melanoma Models to Study Cancer Initiation
Mar 2, 2021David GutmannMicroenvironment Control of Pediatric Brain Tumor Formation and Growth
Mar 9, 2021Luis BatistaMutations in Telomerase and Telomere Dysfunction as Initiating Events in Pediatric Cancer Prone Syndromes
Mar 16, 2021Jeffrey BednarskiDNA Damage Signaling in B Cell Development and Leukemogenesis
Mar 30, 2021Laura SchuettpelzInflammation and Cancer
Apr 6, 2021Josh RubinThe Biology of Sex Differences in Cancer
Apr 13, 2021Jeffrey MageePediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia
May 4, 2021Erin Gibson, PhD
Stanford University
Glia-Mediated Mechanisms of Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive Impairment
Jan 14, 2020Kickoff LuncheonOverview and Trainee Presentations
Jan 21, 2020Lee RatnerIntroduction
Jan 28, 2020Maxim ArtyomovSingle Cell RNA Sequencing for Cancer
Feb 4, 2020Nima MosammaparastDNA Repair
Feb 11, 2020Jeffrey WardImmunotherapy
Feb 18, 2020Jieya ShaoCytoskeleton and Transcription in Breast Cancer
Feb 25, 2020Angela HirbeSarcoma Biology
Mar 3, 2020George SouroullasEZH2
Mar 10, 2020Spring Break – No Class
Mar 17, 2020Katherine FuhCANCELED
Ovarian Cancer Biology
Mar 24, 2020Nupam MahajanTyrosine Kinases in Prostate Cancer
Mar 31, 2020Ben MajorWNT Signal Transduction
Apr 7, 2020Siddhartha DevarakondaSmall Cell Lung Cancer Molecular Biology
Apr 14, 2020Nathan SinghCAR T Cells
Apr 21, 2020Sarah Moreland-RussellPrevention Policy
Jan 15, 2019Jeff Magee, MD, PhDDevelopment and Pediatric Cancer
Jan 22, 2019Dave Wilson, MD, PhDBone Marrow Failure Syndrome Associated Leukemia Predisposition
Jan 29, 2019Jeff Bednarski, MD, PhDDNA Damage and Cancer
Feb 5, 2019Todd Fehniger, MD, PhDNK Cell Immunotherapy
Feb 12, 2019Todd Druley, MD, PhDCancer Predisposition or Minimal Residual Disease
Feb 19, 2019Laura Schuettpelz, MD, PhDInflammation and Myeloid Malignancies
Feb 26, 2019Gavin Dunn, MD, PhDBrain Tumors and Neoantigen-Directed Immunotherapy
Mar 5, 2019Brian Van Tine, MD, PhDTumor Metabolism
Mar 12, 2019Sima Bhatt, MD
Mar 26, 2019Samantha Morris, PhDDevelopmental Reprogramming
Apr 2, 2019Christopher Sturgeon, PhDIn Vitro Model of Development and Malignancy
Apr 9, 2019Grant Challen, PhDEpigenetic Regulation of Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Leukemia Initiation
Apr 23, 2019Trevor Pugh, PhD
University of Toronto
Precision Medicine at Single Cell Resolution
Jan 16, 2018Lee Ratner, MD, PhDIntroduction
Jan 23, 2018Jason Weber, PhDCell Cycle Inhibitors
Jan 30, 2018Jason Held, PhDCancer Redox Biology
Feb 6, 2018Neha Mehta-Shah, MDT Cell Lymphoma Biology
Feb 13, 2018Cynthia Ma, MD, PhDPI3K/AKT
Feb 20, 2018Alessandro Vindigni, PhDReplication Stress
Feb 27, 20181st and 2nd Year Trainees
Mar 6, 2018Sheila Stewart, PhDMicroenvironment and Cancer
Mar 13, 2018Charles Kaufman, MD, PhDZebrafish as a Model for Cancer
Mar 20, 2018Milan Chheda, MDCancer Stem Cells
Mar 27, 2018Lee Ratner, MD, PhDViral Oncology
Apr 3, 2018Julie Schwarz, MD, PhDHPV and Cervical Cancer
Apr 10, 2018Li Ding, PhDGenetic Susceptibility to Cancer
Apr 17, 2018Student Invited Speaker
Apr 24, 2018Student Invited Speaker
Jan 17, 2017David DeNardo, PhDTumor Microenvironment: Mediator of Disease Progression and Resistance
Jan 24, 2017Grant Challen, PhDEpigenetics in Cancer Pathogenesis
Jan 31, 2017Joshua Rubin, MD, PhDSexual Dimorphism in Cancer Pathogenesis
Feb 7, 2017Laura Schuettpelz, MD, PhDToll Signaling in Normal and Pathological Hematopoiesis
Feb 14, 2017Chris Sturgeon, PhDiPSC Models for the Study of Development and Cancer
Feb 21, 2017Todd Druley, MD, PhDGermline Variants and Cancer
Feb 28, 2017Karen Gauvain, MDNovel Interventions for Management of Brain Tumors
Mar 7, 2017Jason Mills, MD, PhDPathogenesis of Gastric Metaplasia and Cancer
Mar 21, 2017Jeff Bednarski, MD, PhDDNA Repair and Oncogenesis
Mar 28, 2017Jeff Magee, MD, PhDLeukemogenesis
Apr 4, 2017Brian van Tine, MD, PhDNovel Approaches to Sarcoma Therapy
Apr 11, 2017Gavin Dunn, MD, PhDModeling GBM
Apr 18, 2017Omar Abdel-Wahab, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Understanding and Targeting Spliceosomal Gene Mutations in Cancer
Jan 19, 2016Lee Ratner, MD, PhDIntroduction of Oncology
Jan 26, 2016Jason Weber, PhDRb and Cell Cycle Regulation
Feb 2, 2016Ron Bose, MD, PhDCytoplasmic Signaling
Feb 9, 2016Amy Barone, MDPerspective on New Challenges in Oncology Drug Regulation in the Era of Genomics
Feb 16, 2016Luis Batista, PhDImmortalization and Cancer
Feb 23, 2016Vivek Arora, MD, PhDNuclear Receptors in Prostate Cancer
Mar 1, 2016Blair Madison, PhDMultistep Colon Carcinogenesis
Mar 8, 2016Terrence Wong, MD, PhDp53 and Cancer
Mar 15, 2016Chris Maher, PhDLong Non-Coding RNAs in Cancer
Mar 22, 2016Mark Krasnow, MD, PhDLung Development and Cancer
Mar 29, 2016Saima Waqar, MD

Len Maggi, PhD
Genomics of Lung Cancer
Apr 5, 2016Jian Campian, MD, PhD

Milan Chheda, MD
Neural Stem Cells and Cancer
Apr 12, 2016Jackie Payton, MD, PhDEpigenomic Regulation of Cancer
Apr 19, 2016Casey Wilson
Postdoc Research Scholar

Ted Keppel
Postdoc Research Scholar

Bhavna Murali
DBBS Pre Doc Trainee
Jun 14, 2016Judith Campisi, PhD
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Cancer and Aging: Rival Demons?
Jan 20, 2015Joshua RubinSexual Dimorphism in Cancer Pathogenesis
Jan 27, 2015Kimberly JohnsonHarnessing Epidemiology to Study Cancer: Focus on NF1
Feb 3, 2015Luis BatistaTelomere Dysfunction in Cancer; IPSCs as a Model System
Feb 10, 2015David DeNardoTumor Stem-Like Cells and Immune Responses
Feb 17, 2015Deb NovackMolecular Basis of Cancer Metastasis
Feb 24, 2015Jason WeberTumor Suppressors and the Cell Cycle
Mar 3, 2015Grant ChallenRole of Epigenetics in Cancer Pathogenesis
Mar 17, 2015Sergej DjuranovicNon-Synonymous ≠ Innocent: Somatic Mutations and Translation in Cancer Cells
Mar 24, 2015Jeff BednarskiBreaking Bad: DNA Repair and Oncogenesis
Mar 31, 2015Jeff MageeStem Cells and Leukemogenesis
Apr 7, 2015Todd DruleyHow Rare Germline DNA Variants Conspire to Trigger Childhood Cancer
Apr 14, 2015Katherine FuhModeling Ovarian Carcinoma
Apr 21, 2015Brian Van TineNovel Approaches to Sarcoma Therapy
Jan 28, 2014Ravi Salgia
University of Chicago
Novel Targets in Lung Cancer
Feb 4, 2014Andrey ShawBRAF
Feb 11, 2014Lukas WartmanPersonalized Medicine
Feb 18, 2014Rizwan RomeeNK Therapy
Feb 25, 2014Charles Rudin
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Lung Treatments
Mar 4, 2014Obi GriffithDruggable Genome
Mar 11, 2014Barry SleckmanDNA Repair
Mar 18, 2014Ron BoseHER2
Mar 25, 2014Frederick Appelbaum
Fred Hutchinson
Apr 1, 2014Kian-Huat LimOncogenic Ras Signaling in Human Cancer
Apr 8, 2014Geoffrey UyBispecific Antibodies
Apr 15, 2014Erika PearceT Cell Metabolism in Cancer
Apr 22, 2014Yibin Kang
How Cancer Cells Acquire Metastatic Traits