Wilbur Song, MD PhD

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis
Residency: Washington University in St. Louis/Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Research/Academic Interests: Cellular and immunotherapy for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies
Bio: I enjoy listening to classical and contemporary music – St. Louis has a great symphony orchestra and multiple concert venues which I frequently visit. I enjoy trying new restaurants and new cuisine, exploring the ever-evolving St. Louis food scene and traveling to new places. I enjoy playing video games, especially ones with large, well-developed worlds, logical puzzles, and a fair bit of challenge. I also like to immerse myself in new cultures and languages and I am particularly interested in East Asian culture. Above all else, I value spending time with my family, who can make any activity fun and exciting.

Selected Publications/Abstracts

  • Jia Y, Song W, Zhang F*, et al. Akt1 inhibits homologous recombination in Brca1-deficient cells by blocking the Chk1-Rad51 pathway. Oncogene. 2013; 32(15):1943-9.
  • Song W et al. Alzheimer’s disease-associated TREM2 variants exhibit either decreased or increased ligand-dependent activation. Alzheimers Dement. 2017; 13(4):381-387.
  • Ulland TK, Song WM et al. TREM2 Maintains Microglial Metabolic Fitness in Alzheimer’s Disease. Cell. 2017; 170(4):649-63.
  • Song WM, Joshita S et al. Humanized TREM2 mice reveal microglia-intrinsic and -extrinsic effects of R47H polymorphism. J Exp Med. 2018; 215(3):745-760.
  • Song WM, Colonna M. The identity and function of microglia in neurodegeneration. Nat Immunol. 2018; 19(10):1048-1058.