Stefan  Tarnawsky, MD PhD

Stefan Tarnawsky, MD PhD

Hometown: Toronto, ON. Canada
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Residency: Washington University School of Medicine / Barnes Jewish Hospital
Research/Academic Interests: I am interested in the signaling pathways and initiating events that drive the development of hematologic malignancies.
Bio: Gardening, running, hiking, literature, the St Louis Art Museum, the Ukrainian community, climate change advocacy.

Selected Publications/Abstracts

  • Tarnawsky SP, Kobayashi M, Chan RJ, Yoder MC. Mice expressing KrasG12D in hematopoietic multipotent progenitor cells develop neonatal myeloid leukemia. The Journal of clinical investigation. 2017;127(10):3652-6.
  • Tarnawsky SP, Yoshimoto M, Deng L, Chan RJ, Yoder MC. Yolk sac erythromyeloid progenitors expressing gain of function PTPN11 have functional features of JMML but are not sufficient to cause disease in mice. Dev Dyn. 2017;246(12):1001-14.
  • Tarnawsky SP, Yu WM, Qu CK, Chan RJ, Yoder MC. Hematopoietic-restricted Ptpn11E76K reveals indolent MPN progression in mice. Oncotarget. 2018;9(31):21831-43.
  • Tarnawsky SP, Palazzo AF. Positional requirements for the stimulation of mRNA nuclear export by ALREX-promoting elements. Mol Biosyst. 2012;8(10):2527-30.