Alice Zhou, MD PhD

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Residency: Vanderbilt University
Research/Academic Interests: Tumor microenvironment, tumor immunology, cellular therapy, CCC19
Bio: When I’m not at work, I love to spend my free time drawing and painting. I can also be found in my garden or the nearby Missouri Botanical garden, or one of the many delicious local restaurant in St. Louis.

Selected Publications/Abstracts

  • Kuderer NM, Choueiri TK,… Zhou AY, et al, COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium. Clinical Impact of COVID-19 on Patients With Cancer (CCC19): A Cohort Study. Lancet 2020 Jun 20;395(10241):1907-1918
  • Zhou AY, Wang DY, McKee S, Ye F, Wen CC, Wallace DE, Ancell KK, Conry RM, Johnson DB. Correlates of Response and Outcomes With Talimogene Laherperpvec. J Surg Oncol 2019 Sep;120(3):558-564
  • Wang DY, Mooradian MJ,… Zhou AY, et al. Clinical Characterization of Colitis Arising From Anti-PD-1 Based Therapy. Oncoimmunology 2018 Oct 31;8(1):e1524695
  • Zhou AY, Johnson DB. Combinatorial Therapies in Melanoma: MAPK Inhibitors and Beyond. Am J Clin Dermatol 2018 Apr;19(2):181-193
  • Siska PJ, Johnpulle RAN, Zhou A, et al. Deep Exploration of the Immune Infiltrate and Outcome Prediction in Testicular Cancer by Quantitative Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry and Gene Expression Profiling. Oncoimmunology 2017 Mar 20;6(4):e1305535
  • Zhou AY, Ryeom S. Cyclosporin a Promotes Tumor Angiogenesis in a Calcineurin-Independent Manner by Increasing Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species. Mol Cancer Res 2014 Nov;12(11):1663-76
  • Schadler KL, Crosby EJ, Zhou AY, et al. Immunosurveillance by Antiangiogenesis: Tumor Growth Arrest by T Cell-Derived Thrombospondin-1. Cancer Res 2014 Apr 15;74(8):2171-81